The customs authorities are responsible for a variety of areas. The main task is the customs clearance at border crossings and the administration of the excise tax. Another task of the customs authorities, however, is the punishment of undeclared work, illegal temporary employment and compliance with the minimum wage law.
0.1 Cross-border supplies
0.2 Process optimization with regard to customs, foreign trade law, sales tax and excise tax (including alcohol, tobacco, coffee, electricity)
0.3 Accompaniment of external audits of the customs and tax authorities
0.4 Defense against subsequent investigations and assistance with remission and reimbursement requests, solving market-regulatory problems
0.5 Representation in appeals and financial court proceedings
0.6 Enforcement or defense against claims from industrial property rights, competition warnings
0.7 Assistance in case of suspected product piracy
0.8 Defense in penalty and criminal proceedings (minimum wage law, moonlighting, etc.)
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