In our office, we do the current financial and payroll accounting, formulate your tax returns and advise you in all tax matters. Legal and business know-how meet with us and offer optimal performance.
Tax Declarations
  • Ongoing bookkeeping / accounting
  • Annual Accounts - Sales / Income / Business / Corporate Tax Declarations /
  • Trade and tax balance sheet
  • Private income tax returns
  • Income from renting and leasing
  • Inheritance and gift tax
Tax Defense Advice
  • General audits
  • VAT tax inspections / VAT inspection
  • Income tax audits
  • Supervision of self-reports / Tax criminal proceedings
  • Opposition and legal proceedings against the tax authorities
Tax Planning Services
  • Start-up, restructuring and corporate restructuring
  • Individual companies, corporations and partnerships
  • Estate planning / family pool companies
  • International Tax Law, In- and Outbond Investment, Customs, Sales Tax
Do you have a legal or tax issue? Then write us an email with the following informations please: 1. First and last name 2. Your address / telephone number / email 3. Your concern / question We'll be happy to get back to you within a day.