For legal transactions of merchants, authorized representatives, commerical agents, salespersons, resellers, freight carriers e.g. the special law of the Commercial Law applies.

We advise you in all areas of contract design, general business relations, negotiations and settlements of your national and international business.

For many of our clients, we have also been supporting the daily business as an external legal department  and providing comprehensive advice from a single source.

  • Design of purchase, distribution, transport, logistics contracts, terms and conditions
  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation in case of defects, poor performance, non-performance
  • Commercial agent compensation
  • UN Sales Law

Do you want to start a company? Or transform your existing company into a more suitable company form because you

  • accept a new partner or separate;
  • want to employ or lay off many employees;
  • the corporate risk has increased or decreased;
  • Your company has grown or shrunk.
Then come to us for a consultation. We examine,
  • which type of company is suitable;
  • what optimization options exist under civil, labor and tax law;
  • carry out the reorganization and restructuring of your company.

If you are an employer you usually look to a lawyer for questions around

  • Employment contracts
  • Warnings Terminations / termination agreements / cancellations damages
  • Temporary workers
  • Restructuring measures
  • Labor court proceedings

If you are a worker, you will usually see a lawyer for the same reasons.

We are happy to advise you here and represent you with the greatest commitment according to your needs.



The allegation of tax evasion or tax reduction, as well as social security fraud, is increasingly being charged by the financial and customs authorities. We represent and defend you in the area of ​​sales and income tax, as well as procedures of the social insurance carriers (German pension insurance, SOKA BAU, Artist Social Fund, etc.).

  • Tax self-report
  • Penal proceedings for tax fraud and toher tax offenses
  • Ciminal insolvency offences
  • Embezzlement
  • Theft of intellectual property

Industrial property protection covers several areas, including trademark law, trademark law, competition law, database law, copyright and publishing law, and art copyright law. As digitization progresses, injuries in these areas increase significantly.

We advise you in the

  • Enforcement of industrial property rights
  • Defense of competition warnings
  • Assistance in case of suspected product piracy
  • Interim injunction / injunction proceedings
  • Lawsuits

We advise and accompany you in all matters of private and commercial leases and land purchase.

Judicial and extrajudicial representation and advice in the fields:

  • Creation of rental, lease, hire purchase and land purchase contracts
  • Action of Eviction
  • balance suits
  • Terminations
  • Rent increases
  • Warranty for defects suits
Do you have a legal or tax issue? Then write us an email with the following informations please: 1. First and last name 2. Your address / telephone number / email 3. Your concern / question We'll be happy to get back to you within a day.